The best way I’ve found to get myself on my bike, not in my car, is to plan ahead. On Sunday, I sit down and sketch out my week: where I have to go, and when. And, I pull up my favorite weather forecast page and look for the best biking days. Maybe I have to rearrange my plans a bit, but it works. “Wednesday, the weather doesn’t look too bad and I only have to go to work, an eight mile round trip.” Done! Wednesday is my Bike For Snow day.

Here is a calendar you can print and mark an “X” to commit to your own Bike For Snow day. Hey, you can walk too!


Stop by FinnSisu Ski Shop in Lauderdale (2436 Larpenteur Ave W, Lauderdale, MN 55113) to pick up your Bike For Snow day pin. Wear it proudly on the day(s) you bike, also the day you step up to take on climate change.