Bike for Snow Challenge!

We are gearing up for the first Bike for Snow Challenge! You might want to get ready too. The challenge? From June 1 to June 30, 2017, we’ll collect all Bike for Snow selfies taken (include both you and your bike and perhaps a defining feature of the route you’re on) and posted on Facebook. On June 30, we will draw one of the selfies and the winner will win a sweet air-pumping prize from County Cycles in Roseville! Every bicyclist needs a good bike pump.

Get your bike and your cameras ready!


2 thoughts on “Blog

  1. I know this is a bike for snow, but I do a lot of walk for snow so hope that counts. And is your web site going to get political? I would love to get ppl calling into Dayton on the latest environmental issues. He seems to be slipping and going with big bus like the excel deal. Also, hope he vetoes the bill to take away money from solar.

    thanks for doing this…

    1. Hi Pat, You’re welcome! I’m not very good at being political but not opposed to it. I’m better at encouraging people to get outside, and this seems like even a better reason to do so. I’ll keep it in mind though. I’d appreciate it if you’d share the page and help me get the initiative out there! Oh, and walking is great!

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