Live in the Suburbs?

Live in the Suburbs?

I’ve talked to a few people who ask, “what if I live in a suburb and work in the city?” I suppose we cannot all live in the city, but I do suggest when looking for a home, looking for one that is walking or biking distance to work, food, entertainment, church…place you often drive to. You’ll be “greener” and, you’ll have more free time.

A huge thing you can do when you drive so much is to carefully plan your trips. If you have to drive to the city for work, then you have to. However, if you work five days a week, there are two other days with big opportunities! 1) you could stay home and enjoy the calm of your day. 2) If you need groceries for your calm weekend, can you get them on your way home? See where I’m going? Think about your driving ahead of time, and don’t be so quick to home in that carseat and drive away.
I ┬ástumbled across this great website that has lots of ideas for living a “greener” life. I’ve included the transportation page; but venture out and look at the others. There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint:


Bike for Snow Challenge!

We are gearing up for the first┬áBike for Snow Challenge! You might want to get ready too. The challenge? From June 1 to June 30, 2017, we’ll collect all Bike for Snow selfies taken (include both you and your bike and perhaps a defining feature of the route you’re on) and posted on Facebook. On June 30, we will draw one of the selfies and the winner will win a sweet air-pumping prize from County Cycles in Roseville! Every bicyclist needs a good bike pump.

Get your bike and your cameras ready!